The Story Behind Our Beef

The Story Behind Our Beef





Our restaurant takes its inspiration from our family tradition of looking after our customers with the best quality food from around Ireland, wine from around the world, and the same high quality of service to our customers that was initially established by our Nany Mac.

We take great pride in the quality and flavour of the meat that is supplied in our restaurant.Our dry aged beef is sourced from Munster where it has been dried for 21 days. Only the highest quality meat with its even distribution of fat is able to be used for this dry ageing process.

As the meat dries, the flavour of the beef is concentrated and it becomes more flavoursome. To improve the beef further, we age it for another 7 days. A delicious intense nutty flavour is developed in the beef as the moisture evaporates over our 28 dry ageing process. This is a natural process that also allows the meat to become more tender as the collagen in the meat breaks down.

Our dry aged beef will give you a truly gastronomic experience that shows respect for the animal that produced it. Our dry aged beef is the result of working together with beef experts from the farm to your table, you will never be able to find anything like it in any butcher shop.

The quality of our Rib Eye beef is the result of our careful research to achieve the consistently best source in Ireland. We have worked for over a year alongside Pallas Foods to source the specific Rib Eye bone that our expert chefs require. The bone adds flavor and bastes the steak from the inside out as the bone’s moisture evaporates during the cooking process.

At Martine’s restaurant and wine bar, we butcher our beef daily to allow the meat to maintain its freshness. Our chefs will cook it for you in our Josper Charcoal oven at 400°C to further enhance the flavour of the meat.

You can choose your size of steaks from 250g right up to 1.25 kilos if you want to enjoy sharing a romantic meal together.

If you enjoy fabulous food in a great atmosphere and you want to take it to the next level then you need to try our beef meals at Martine’s restaurant and wine bar. Our modern Irish menu is made from locally sourced ingredients that are of the highest quality.

Our international fine wine list is there to complement your choice from the menu, or you may prefer craft beer from our selection of beers.

We look forward to serving you and having you join our family of satisfied customers.

All the best and until next time,

Martines Team